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We bring you a special entry, we are going to  give you how to improvise a chickpea salad in 5 minutes with Huercasa.

Sounds good, right? Well, take note, because, in addition to having a super complete salad in 5 minutes, you will see that this is a real delight, healthy, nutritious, and economical.

Go for it!

For our chickpea salad in 5 minutes, we start from a base, our Mediterranean chickpea salad Huercasa already ready to eat.

A salad that although by itself is already delicious and very complete on a nutritional level, we are going to turn it into something else, so that at the same time you can see that starting from this base and in just 5 minutes we can have different salads depending on adding more or fewer ingredients at the base of our chickpea salad.

At the nutritional level, we have already talked to you on other occasions about the properties of legumes, in this link you can discover some of them, as well as more information about it.

Broadly speaking, we can say of legumes that they are a full-fledged superfood, inexpensive, available all year round and that in addition to filling us up and nourishing us they hardly provide us with fat.

Legumes are a very important source of carbohydrates, also fiber, and iron, as well as vitamins of group B. Legumes are also rich in carbohydrates, mainly in starch, whose composition would be around fifty percent thanks to what which we are facing a food that gives us a lot of energy, having little fat, so they are great in weight control or slimming diets.

Regarding the amount of protein that we find in legumes, we can say that it is a food with a high content of vegetable protein, although this would not be a complete protein since it lacks some essential amino acids such as methionine, cysteine ​​, and tryptophan.

This lack of amino acids can be covered very easily if we combine legumes with other foods such as cereals, which do have the amino acids that legumes lack, thus making the protein intake adequate for the human body and not being necessary that the intake of legume + cereal is given at the same meal, but simply throughout the same day.

Continuing with the theme of the day, we are going to improvise a chickpea salad in 5 minutes, reset the counter that we started.

First of all, have our Huercasa Mediterranean chickpea salad on hand, you can find it in our shop, in Carrefour, and in El Corte Inglés.

As you know, we like to improvise with the ingredients that we normally have in the kitchen, ingredients from around the house.

We also advise you to take advantage of all those remains of ingredients that we have left off from other recipes in the fridge, a piece of this, a piece of that, a handful of that other … in this way we will have a very complete dish and with zero-waste.

The base of our Mediterranean chickpea salad is cooked chickpeas and a mixture of vegetables, all of the organic origin, specifically carrots, potatoes, red and green peppers, as well as pumpkin. In the same recyclable container that the ready-to-eat salad comes in, you can find an envelope of extra virgin olive oil to dress it to your liking, as well as covered to eat it if you are away from home.

Today we suggest you improvise a chickpea salad in 5 minutes, starting from this salad.

Our favorite ingredients to add to this salad and in this way make it different, in this way each time it will seem that we are eating a different salad, in which we can also add nutrients depending on our daily needs, whether we want to make it more not less light or more or less forceful.

Another bonus of adding ingredients is that instead of being a 250-gram salad for one person, we will be turning it into a larger salad, so starting from a salad we will eat at least two people.

Take note!

Our favorites to add to the Huercasa Mediterranean chickpea salad are:

· Cereal: brown rice is the one that we use the most, also quinoa or buckwheat are good options, if you have them do not hesitate to try. Adding a cup of rice is enough.

Proteins: although the chickpea itself already contains protein, we suggest adding some other type of protein, of animal origin, such as tuna, bonito, chicken or ham cooked extra in cubes, they are also very good and they also give us an extra flavor and satiety.

· Another of the protein ingredients that we like to add is the egg, cooked and chopped, it gives it a very good point. You can only use the white and use the yolk to add it to your vinaigrette, you will see what a delight with just this gesture.

· Seeds, not missing. Sunflower, pumpkin, poppy, sesame seeds … all are welcome, this time in addition to adding nutrients to your salad you will be giving it a crunchy touch that we love.

· Other vegetables and greens: here everything is welcome, as we said, it seems to us a great option to reuse ingredients that we have already started in the fridge. Cooked beets, sweet potatoes, olives, fruits, etc.

Dairy products, either in the form of cheese, a few pieces of cheese give it a very rich point of flavor, or in the form of yogurt, using it to prepare a light sauce based on natural yogurt without sugar that we will dress with fresh herbs and juice. lemon, for example.

· Other legumes, even if our salad is made of chickpeas, we can add other legumes if we have them available, red beans are ideal in this combination, try and see.

As you may have seen, we can improvise a chickpea salad in 5 minutes with Huercasa, starting with our Mediterranean chickpea salad and adding ingredients that we all usually have in our kitchen, ingredients that can also be the remains of other preparations, thus reducing the environmental impact, and without generating waste, without wasting food and also making a salad for one person a salad for two or more people, depending on what we add.

We also think it is a great idea when it comes to weekly meal planning since in five minutes we have a salad for at least two or three days, which we can keep perfectly in the fridge, without dressing, until it is time to eat it. consumption.

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