Benefits and Harms of Dried Fruits

Benefits - Harms- Dried Fruits
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Dried fruits are of various benefits, as they are rich in minerals such as potassium, phosphates, iron, and various vitamins, and they contain a high concentration of sugar that gives immediate energy to the body, and these multiple benefits have made them a distinctive and delicious addition to many types of sweets and cakes that go into their manufacture.
Dried fruits, include also many important aspects for the human body, such as proteins…, and are the basis for strengthening public health and avoiding numerous diseases.

Thinking about the value of dried fruits, we will evaluate the most important advantages that come from consuming dried fruits for the body.

Advantages of dried fruits:

  • Enhanced hemoglobin level in the blood, which avoids anemia and makes it very helpful for pregnant ladies, especially in the later stages of pregnancy and after giving birth;
  • They increase the energy and vigor of the body and avoid sensations of sleepiness and laziness because they include an excellent percentage of natural sugars;
  • They contain copper, So they boost vascular activity;
  • Improve vision and protect versus eye problems including night loss of sight, lens opacity, and corneal problems, as they contain a high percentage of vitamin A;
  • Avoid different digestive problems, avoid indigestion, get rid of constipation, and increase digestive tract smoothness and flexibility due to the fact that they include dietary fibers that are really useful for digestion health;
  • They manage the cholesterol level in the blood and protect against cardiovascular issues in addition to against the blood vessels, promoting blood flow;
  • Prevent various hair problems consisting of loss of hair, split ends, poor development, and root issues. They are likewise useful for the skin, as they include a high proportion of natural nutrients required by the body, such as minerals and vitamins;
  • Deal with headaches;
  • The danger of cancer is considerably decreased because they are very abundant in antioxidants, which are resistant to free radicals which cause abnormal cellular division in the body, and therefore the formation of malignant growths;
  • Due to the fact that they include anti-oxidants, they lower the look of aging and battle wrinkles, lines and gray hair;
  • Helpful for decreasing blood pressure.

Damages of Dried Fruits and Downsides of Their Usage:

Regardless of the many benefits of dried fruits, it must be consumed in moderation, and it can cause some issues for some individuals, and the following points show the damages of fruits and the prohibitions of their usage:

  • Some kinds of it contain sulfur dioxide: Sulfur dioxide is added to some kinds of dried fruits as a preservative, and it is a substance that may provoke a response (allergic) that causes signs similar to asthma symptoms for some individuals with sulfite allergy.
    In this case, you ought to keep away from these types and choose naturally dried fruits that have a darker color and a little different taste;
  • Containing high calories: dried fruits contain twice the calorie material of fresh fruits, and some likewise include a greater quantity, such as dried berries with sugar, which consists of 3 times the sugar material of fresh berries, so it should be eaten in moderation;
  • The possibility of contamination with mycotoxins: Dried fruits may be exposed to contamination with mycotoxins and other toxic substances, depending upon the manufacturing and storage processes, and these contaminants are likewise a source of concern due to their association with some illness;
  • Breathing problems increase, particularly for individuals who struggle with chronic attacks and shortness of breath;
  • They increase the seriousness of asthma issues, specifically dried fruits that are dehydrated by carbon dioxide;
  • They consist of a high percentage of calories and hence helps to increase obesity. For that reason, nutritionists encourage to prevent eating dried fruits coated with sugar, as they cause lots of diseases, and it is better to consume those which are dried organically.

The amounts that can be consumed from dried fruits:

In general, it is advised to consume five portions of different fruits and vegetables for various ages, and these parts might include consuming only one portion of dried fruits due to their high sugar content, and the part equates to 80 grams of dried fruits.

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