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We all know clearly that good nutrition is essential and making healthy peanuts good from a very young age is ideal.

We all know clearly that good nutrition is essential and making healthy peanuts good from a very young age is ideal.

Usually, after the lactation period, more solid foods in the form of purees, porridges, compotes are gradually introduced until a second phase is reached in which children already chew more easily and we can offer them the food cut into small pieces. very small or without going through the grinder.

‘This stage is more important than many people think since it is here that the taste, smell, and texture of many foods that should be known for the child will be made known for the first time. their food base in the future ‘, tells us Inés Baros Carbone, chief nutritionist of the Public Assistance Emergency Hospital.

For the expert, ‘organic and natural nutrition in children makes them strong and healthy, provides them with quality nutrients, they learn to identify the authentic taste of food and helps prevent possible diseases, whether they are close or not’.

In addition, the teacher leaves us some chips to consider in the feeding of the kids.

1- The organic cereals that can be mixed with the vegetable porridge are very interesting. These are very nutritious cereals such as quinoa, rice, millet, or oats, which increase the nutritional value of the food as they provide carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins.

2- We play with the advantage that flavor is a mostly educable sense, with which it is achieved that children who find it difficult to introduce fruit and vegetables, with patience and affection, end up eating them.

3- It is necessary to use the characteristics of natural food as an advantage to “educate” the child in his diet: for example, do not use added sugar or salt, with fruits and vegetables respectively, highlighting their nutrients and natural flavors, and without modifying your taste perception,

4- Take advantage of seasonal fruits and vegetables, also providing variety to the diet and making sure to have fresh products in good condition. As a tip, in the case of fruit, make it closer to ripe than green

5- Regarding the freshness of food, it is appropriate that they are always prepared for immediate consumption. Although it can be frozen, the daily preparation is more laborious but allows it to be more varied and the organoleptic properties are preserved much better.

6- There is also the possibility of porridge, whose preparation is totally healthy and natural: for example, fruit porridge (apple, pear, banana, and orange juice); vegetable porridge (green beans, carrots, potatoes); cereal porridge (white rice and carrot).

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